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What is IKIGAI? Practice it for wellness


“Ikigai is a Japanese word for describing the pleasures and meanings of life. The word literally consists of iki (to live) and gai (reason)....When ikigai is practiced and present in life, it holds the potential to dissipate stress, ease anxiety, and help you find the purpose to “wake up to joy” every day. Who wouldn’t want that? Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve a drastic lifestyle change. Here’s how you can incorporate ikigai into your routine in one day.( Courtsey- stumpleupon)”

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Now a days everybody wants an extra income and especially by working from home. But spending too many hours infront of a computer is also tiresome and bording. If you have little financial knowledge this is for you. If you know anything about Stock Trading or Currency Trading well and good. There is risk involved in any type of trading; whether it is stock or currency. Both require a lot of study and understanding to make a profit. As an alternative to this tedious job, Options Trading is an option esp in currency trading. Though the same risk is involved you don't need to study a lot other than the basic. There are many kinds of Options Trading; here we cover only DIGITAL OPTIONS TRADING IN CURRENCY PAIRS. Digital options are more commonly known as binary options. Both names reflect the crucial characteristic of digital options that they only know two outcomes – you are either right or wrong, and it is unimportant how right or wrong you are. For Eg. EURO/USD Currency pairs. Suppose the current price is 1.500 and you see that there is a strong possibility of going up then you invest $100 as a CALL option. If the price goes up above your buying price and stays there for a certain period you won. Three things are involved: 1. Determine the Trend ( Up or Down) 2. Determine how much you wish to invest 3. Expiration period ( 1 minute to 12 hours). If you feel that the price is on the downward trend the same rule applies and it is called PUT option. The most important is to determine the Trend and the period. .

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VW Hotel

Many of you must be enjoying travel by flight. But a long-haul non-stop flight means...hmmm..

Six to eight-hour flights are normal but over 12 hours is tiresome. Then what about a 17-hour flight?

Yes on 19th January, United Airlines started its long-haul non-stop flight from Houston to Auckland,.United Airlines flight 101 leaves at 8 pm for the 8,596-mile trip to Australia’s largest city and is 18 miles longer than the existing Qantas route from Dallas to Sydney. Though it is a 17 hours flight the arrival is only after two days after leaving Houston, with a day lost because of the International Date Line. Prior to this, Qantas’ started flying between the cities of Dallas and Sydney, which travelled 8,578 miles, was the longest US-Australia flight. 

In February 2017 Qatar Airways  QR920 route between Doha and Auckland is the longest distance (9,032 miles) between two cities. The first flight took off in February 2017, flying across 10 time zones, with four pilots and 15 crew members serving 1,100 cups of tea and coffee, 2,000 cold drinks and 1,036 meals on board. The flight took 16 hours and 23 minutes on the outbound journey and 17 hours and 30 minutes on the return leg.

Longest route in terms of distance

Delhi (India) to San Francisco (United States

Airline: Air India. (DEL-SFO). Distance: 9,408 miles (15,140 kilometers)

Air India now flies to San Francisco via the Pacific rather than via the usual polar route -- a move that saves valuable fuel.

The new route for the Boeing 777-200LR means Air India can take advantage of the high-altitude jet stream, giving it speed-boosting tailwinds all the way to San Francisco.

The return leg then takes advantage of the polar route. While the long-haul flight clocks up 1,000 more miles, it takes two hours off the journey at just over 15 hours.

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"People thought we were crazy!" This Married Couple Sold Their Company to Starbucks for $90 Million


For the married co-founders of MOD Pizza, a chain of artisan-style pizza restaurants throughout the U.S., their business model was built from taking risks. Scott Svenson, who launched the company with his wife Ally, says the gamble has paid off in many ways. "There will either be financial return, or you'll have more loyal employees or more loyal customers," says Scott. Luckily, it's worked in their favor. The Inc. 5000 company (No. 327) opened store No. 302 in December, and now has locations in 27 states across the U.S. In 2016, it reached $131 million in revenue....

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