Stained Glass Window Monument in Czek Kilauea's Spectacular 1969 to 1974 Mauna Ulu Eruption- COURTSEY MSN

Suriname- Is it in Africa?


If you’re like most folks, this “answer” just prompts more questions. Perhaps something along the lines of: Huh? Or Where again? Or even Suriname? Isn’t that in Africa? If so, you’re in good company. When I first heard this country referenced, I assumed its locale was somewhere in South-East Asia. You’ve got your Vietnam, then you’ve got your Suriname…. But as it turns out, that’s the wrong hemisphere altogether. Roughly the size and shape of the American state of Georgia, this petite nation is located on the northeastern coast of South America, just above Brazil and between French Guiana and Guyana.

By Lauren M. Peltier

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Planning for your next vacation or business trip can be a money-saving process. Whether you are travelling to a neighboring country for a quick getaway or somewhere more exotic, you can save money on your accommodation and focus on the activities of your trip instead.

Discount accommodation which offer regular discounted rates can easily be found if you know where to look. It does not matter whether you are looking for a motel, budget hotel or even a luxury hotel - discounts are offered by different accommodation types. By following the simple tips below, you can be assured that you will not ever have to pay the full price for any hotel stay again.

Last minute deals

If you are travelling at the last minute, chances are that you will get to enjoy last minute discounts from hotels which are not fully booked during the particular time of your stay. This is because hotels might be desperate to find guests to fill unoccupied rooms, especially during the off-peak travel seasons.

Booking at the last minute would especially be recommended if you are flexible with your travel dates and can thus travel during periods when these hotels are unlikely to be overbooked. Just keep a look out oflast minute hotels through the newspapers or online to enjoy the best deals.


Sometimes hotels which are slightly further from the main tourist attractions offer better discounts than those which are closer to these hotspots. Hence it pays to be more flexible and consider other hotels a street or two away. You may just need to walk a little further or take public transport, but the discounts that you can enjoy may even save you enough money for your next trip.

Ask around

Asking around can also help you gamer information on which hotels offer the best-discounted deals. You can ask friends or relatives who have stayed at a discounted hotel about the deals on offer.

You can also ask the hotels themselves for any other special rates or discounts when before checking in. There may also be special discounts offered in conjunction with certain events or festivals, so be sure to ask if there are any.

Use coupon codes

Discount coupons are your best friend in gaining you big hotel discounts. The hard copy versions can be commonly found in newspapers, magazines, entertainment directories or hotel coupon books obtained from welcome centers. Just tear or cut them out and present them to the hotels upon check-in. 

The Internet is also a rich resource for coupon codes. You can do a web search on coupon websites for your specific destination or selected hotel to obtain the coupon codes. Then, enter these codes in hotel booking websites just before you confirm your booking.

However, do pay close attention to the fine print as you may have to meet certain requirements before you can use the coupon such as having to fulfill a minimum number of nights' stay. A little effort on your part can thus go a long way in obtaining substantial savings on your hotels.

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A Text Message Against Hunger

VW Hotel

Many female smallholders in Africa have a special problem. They do not have bank accounts and can’t save money to buy seeds and fertilizer. So a startup has devoted itself to improving this situation and helping women escape poverty. All the women need is some pocket change – and a cell phone.
Women make up 70 percent of farmers in the western African region, where the average income is US$ 1 to US$ 2 a day. The land that they farm totals on average two to five hectares. It is in such poor condition that the farmers have to use fertilizer. But although their daily lives are filled with so much hardship, improvements are on the way. All because of Anushka Ratnayake and her startup, myAgro.

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Man Told to Put Wife in Nursing Home After Partial Paralysis Takes Her Around The World Instead


Twenty-seven years ago, doctors told Andy Fierlit that it would be easier to admit his wife to a nursing home and get on with his life. Partially paralyzed from a brain aneurysm, Donna Fierlit would require far too much care, they said, to live at home with her family or experience much beyond the ordinary......
“My parents have really tested the ‘for better or worse, in sickness and in health’ part of their wedding vows,” says daughter Allison Peters, “but my mom getting sick never changed their love for one another. It just made it grow in a different direction, and I think it focused them to live each day to the fullest and not put off things they wanted to do. That’s why they’ve traveled the world.” Andy, who helps his wife get dressed each day, admits that traveling isn’t always easy, but he and Donna have learned to laugh when things don’t work out as planned. (Coursey: MSN)

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