Stained Glass Window Monument in Czek Kilauea's Spectacular 1969 to 1974 Mauna Ulu Eruption- COURTSEY MSN

The Girl Who Smiled Beads


At 24, Clemantine Wamariya knows more about trauma and survival than most of us ever will. If we're lucky. When Wamariya was 6, she and her sister were forced to flee the ethnic killings in Rwanda, spending the next several years in a series of African refugee camps where they fought starvation, mayhem and disease. Wamariya, who began rebuilding her life in Chicago in 2000, has since become a much-admired speaker on genocide, a subject she'll address during Chicago Ideas Week. She hastens to point out, however, that she seeks no sympathy.

Appeared in Chicago Tribune and Vogue

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Here's Why Your Website Isn't Converting Leads...

VW Hotel

The goal of your website is generate sales. At the end of the day, your website is an asset that can generate leads and convert them into sales while you sleep. It’s not meant to be an “online business card.” So here’s the deal: If the goal of your website is to generate sales, then it must convert. The problem is that a lot of websites out there are absolute garbage. They suck. This article will share the biggest mistakes business owners make on their websites, and the top things you can implement to increase your conversion rates and ultimately generate more sales.Nobody Gives a Sh*t About You… They Want to Know How They Can Benefit This could be one of the biggest mistakes that I see small business owners make. They create their entire website around them. The website is all about how great they are. It shares awards they’ve won at the top of the page. It has a picture of the CEO front and center… Look at this picture of me. If I had this on the front page of my website, who would give a sh*t? Nobody. What if someone simply doesn’t like my face?... I mean, seriously.(By Trevor Shirk)

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4 Tips for When You Want to Move Forward, but Feel Stuck


We are born dreamers. It is no longer just the "American dream" to be successful and fulfill one's purpose— almost anywhere you turn today the message is clear: "We can achieve anything we put our minds to!" We grow up believing that we can be anybody; we can have anything we desire. We are people of movement; we are doers. We are passionate and eager to get in the car of life and get moving. But often the plans we spend so much time crafting and stressing over take a turn in different direction. For those of us who are trusting God to direct our steps, we find out that with Him the journey can look very different than what we envision. We find out quickly that our ideal timeline and God's are often at odds. We don't want to idle, and we aren't huge fans of detours— especially when they come with a lengthy list of lessons to learn along the way. (Coursey:Crosswalk;Author: Malinda Fuller )

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Leads, Leads, Leads!